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Mobile Food Pantry

Pantry Information

mobile.jpgThe Mobile Food Pantry is the possibility that communities can address the hunger problem with the easiest, most effective, and cost-efficient way by simply giving the needy open access to the most readily-available food.

The Mobile Pantry will enable us to move product and give the clients a variety of food an Emergency Pantry may not have space to store. Also, any service club or church can pay for the delivery of this product to the location of their choice to distribute this product.

The cost is $500.00 for 5,000 pounds of food or $1,000.00 for 10,000 pounds of food.

Many would-be participant groups, such as service clubs, are precluded from handling food by need of a building. Mobile pantries are a quick, easy, and inexpensive that any 501(c)3 can provide massive amounts of help to people who need it.

For more information, call us at (419) 222-7946.

Pantry FAQ's

What is a mobile pantry?

West Ohio Food Bank uses a special truck to deliver 5,000 pounds or more of grocery product to a location your agency chooses.

For two hours, your volunteers and staff distribute groceries to hungry people.

Your advantages:

  • Efficient distribution to as many as 300 households in 2 hours.
  • No need to store perishables.

What does my group have to do?

Partner agencies must provide:

  • Sponsor the Mobile Pantry
  • Location for the truck to deliver food
  • At least 10 volunteers
  • 6 tables
  • Plastic grocery bags or boxes
  • You will need 150 to 200 recipients to take all product
  • $500 or $1,000 delivery fee
  • Put a weather clause in information
  • Spread the word about the food giveaway to your community

What does the food bank do for my group?

Food bank staff will:

  • Offer tips on hosting a successful mobile pantry before distribution day.
  • Bring 5,000 pounds or more of product to your location.
  • Provide a food bank staff member for support to assist in planning the flow of your distribution.

How do I schedule a mobile pantry for my agency?

  • Choose a day between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM for your distribution.
  • Call us at (419) 222-7946 weekdays between 8:00 AM and 4:00 PM to set up delivery.
  • Recruit at least 10 volunteers to assist of distribution day.
  • Keep statistics on people served.
  • Share the word!


Your Support Helps Us to End Hunger

The West Ohio Food Bank depends on donations from our community to assist in our mission of eliminating hunger in Northwest Ohio.