West Ohio Food Bank

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You can help solve West Ohio's hunger problem. We need...

  • 600 businesses, organizations or individuals who are willing to commit $1000/year...or...
  • 1,000 businesses who will share $600/year...or...
  • 2,000 individuals, who can contribute $300/year

Be part of the solution, please Donate Now.

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truck-lady.jpgAnother big misconception is that the food bank is either government funded or funded through Feeding America. Neither is true. We have the burden of covering our own expenses without the financial support of any one source.

Unlike most pantries which operate through their local church, we do not have any single source of financial support. We rely on donations from individuals, corporations, churches, and various fund raising efforts during the year.

We also receive a monthly allotment from the United Way (which covers 8% of our annual operating budget) and grants from different foundations help with our budget as well.

We were founded in 1988 by a group from the United Methodist Church with a vision to help the less fortunate in our community. While we still receive support from the Methodist Churches, their support alone is not enough to cover our expenses.


Your Support Helps Us to End Hunger

The West Ohio Food Bank depends on donations from our community to assist in our mission of eliminating hunger in Northwest Ohio.