West Ohio Food Bank

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Mission Statement:
Everyone should have access to healthy, nutritious food.
Together with our partners, we provide nutritious food to those in need.

Vision Statement:
A hunger-free West Central Ohio

Ending Hunger Together

Logos and Branding Guidelines

A common challenge for non-profit organizations is getting through the clutter of media messages. Clear and consistent communications over time can help extend our reach and ensure the word is getting out about the mission and services of the West Ohio Food Bank (WOFB). Our style guide is designed to articulate the WOFB brand; in visual, or graphic elements, and in editorial voice, or verbal guidelines.

The guidelines shared in our style guide serve as a foundation for the WOFB brand. They are not intended to constrain creativity, or police special events or activities. Instead, these guidelines are intended to help volunteers, the public and those compassionate about helping to end hunger to: 1) stay on brand; 2) reduce the time spent seeking communication materials; 3) reduce communication errors and at the same time, increase marketing impact, and 4) ultimately ensure the public hears a unified voice that consistently reflects the mission of the WOFB.

We hope you find this information helpful. If you have any questions, or need further information please contact the West Ohio Food Bank.


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