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  • 2,000 individuals, who can contribute $300/year

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General Information

program-1.jpgDuring the 2013 year, WOFB provided 5,667,372 meals through a network of over 170+ programs operated in our smaller member agencies who directly feeding hungry people throughout 11 counties. Our service area includes Allen, Auglaize, Hancock, Hardin, Mercer, Paulding, Putnam, Seneca, Shelby, Van Wert, and Wyandot counties. The Food Bank must take advantage and consistently search out food and household items [accomplished through affiliation and membership within the West Ohio Food Bank - Network]. The following programs are provided:

Feeding America Donated Program - Offers donated foods from national companies (and national companies with local presence), which may carry a service maintenance charge of up to 18¢ per pound.

Ohio Association of Foodbanks (OAFB) and State Legislative monies we are able to provide:

Fresh Produce Initiative Program - Offers unprecedented donations of fresh fruits and vegetables, chickens & eggs from small family farmers throughout Ohio. WOFB distributed over 1.4 million pounds of produce.

Ohio Food Program - Nutritious shelf-stable food includes high protein items such as peanut butter, ground meats, tuna fish, received throughout the year for emergency pantries/emergency meal sites.

USDA - Federal Commodities Program - Nutritious variety of food items to supplement agencies' "food mix" in meals 'bagged up' by emergency providers or 'served hot' at meals sites provided monthly during the year.

Reclamation and Recovery Program - Currently operated in a room dedicated to sorting, cleaning, repackaging food into boxes. Grocery store items are received from Kroger, Wal-Mart, and various stores [through membership with Feeding America] as well as all food/grocery items received through local food drives. All items received as a result of food drives by schools, organizations and businesses throughout the year are processed through this program.

Mobile Food Pantry - Started 13 years ago to deliver quantities of food (as much as 10,000 lbs.) to designated distribution sites [so that a church or other qualifying non-profit organization can distribute those goods to needy families] in a farmers market-like atmosphere from folding tables set up in their parking lot for the occasion. This enables willing groups become significant players in meeting their area's need without burdening them with the need for a permanent food storage/distribution facility, or the need for volunteers to drive to Lima to pick up food. [The fee charged for this service is only pennies on the dollar compared to the value of the food.]

program-2.jpgCommodity Supplemental Food Program (CSFP) Senior Citizens Food Box - CSFP is a federal funded program for people who are 60+ years of age and whose household income is 130% or less of the federal poverty guidelines. Each month we provide a 32-40 lb box of nutritious food to 1,404 seniors throughout WOFB's 11 county service area.

 Click below for the application for one of our Senior Box Programs.

                    WOFB Senior Programs Application

WOFB Senior Citizens Food Box - WOFB has been providing seniors in Lima with food boxes the past 11 years. We currently provided almost 200 seniors (50+ years old at 200% of poverty), living independently, in ten housing complexes with nutritious food items each month to supplement their pantries.  Limited funding restricts the expansion outside of Allen County. Currently United Way of Greater Lima (UWGL) helps fund this program.

Weekend Back Pack - During '13-'14 academic year, WOFB provided 500 elementary students within 5 Lima City schools a back-pack of nutritious food to take home each Friday. Other agencies approached the food bank and began their own back pack programs in their areas. We now provide this program in Findlay School, Arcadia School, Elida Meals 'til Monday, Kenton, Paulding School, Wapakoneta Middle School, Liberty Benton, Ottawa, Columbus Grove, Alger, and Tiffin through the partnership with these agencies. Approximately 2,000 students in the schools listed receive a bag of food each week to consume on the weekends. These students are on free/reduced lunch &/or breakfasts. Without the Back Pack Program most of these children may not eat from lunch on Friday until they arrive at school on Monday morning. Due to the success and requests, we provided summer bags (10 wks) to 500 students. Currently, United Way of Greater Lima (UWGL) helps fund this program.

Disaster Relief - During natural disasters in WOFB's 11 county service area; water, cleaning supplies, and food items are provided to member charities assisting their community with disaster relief efforts.

If you would like additional information on any of the above-mentioned programs or are interested in starting a Back Pack Program in your area please contact Tommie Harner at 419-222-7946 to get additional details.