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Expand SNAP benefits in the 2023 Farm Bill!

West Ohio Food Bank
Tell Congress to strengthen SNAP benefits this Hunger Action Month!

September is Hunger Action Month, and this year there’s a very important deadline for Congress at the end of the month – and an opportunity to ensure that Ohio families have permanent access to the food they need to thrive.

The SNAP program is reauthorized every five years in the Farm Bill, and we have a chance to get Congress to expand these benefits to help ease the financial hardship SNAP beneficiaries continue to face. Join us in sending letters to members of Congress asking them to pass the strongest possible Farm Bill to help Ohio families!
Millions of Ohioans are struggling to stretch their wages and fixed incomes to pay for the increased cost of everything from food to rent to utilities. We need Congress to come together to provide support for those facing hunger. I’m writing to ask you to strengthen critical anti-hunger programs like SNAP in the 2023 Farm Bill. This includes:
  • Protecting SNAP’s purchasing power so benefits align with grocery prices and provide adequate support during tough economic times.
  • Streamlining SNAP eligibility and enrollment processes to improve access.
  • Improving SNAP access for older adults, college students, and others who do not qualify for or cannot participate in SNAP due to eligibility and enrollment barriers.
  • Helping more military families access SNAP benefits by excluding the Basic Allowance for Housing from the gross income calculation for SNAP eligibility.
  • Protecting SNAP choice and focusing on ensuring affordable access to nutritious foods.
  • Adequately funding and improving state employment and training programs.
  • Ensuring people receiving SNAP benefits can access training opportunities that align with best practices.
  • Removing the time limit on SNAP benefits to support participants as they find work.

Will you add your name below to tell Congress to strengthen SNAP benefits this Hunger Action Month-September!

Congress can help families and seniors experiencing hunger by passing the strongest possible Farm Bill. Tell your lawmakers below that families and seniors are counting on them!

Farm Bill- Tell Congress!

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