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The Team

The West Ohio Food Bank, as a non-profit organization, operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors. This board is made up of community leaders, advocates, retirees, and others with a diverse background in leadership and a desire to help others in need.

We are always looking for new people to join our efforts in “Ending Hunger Together” if you are interested in giving back by serving on our Board of Directors, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!

Our Team at West Ohio Food Bank:

Our Board Members:

    • Members
      • Christine Bollinger, Bollinger Ohio Law
      • Crystal Weitz, HHWP
      • Darren Black, Marathon Petroleum
      • Dylan Krendl, RCO Law
      • Greg Stumbaugh, Grizz Cleaning
      • Hans Vargas-Silva, Marathon Petroleum
      • Joe Rocca, AEP
      • Joy Bischoff, Hardin Memorial
      • Ron Rooker, Chopin Hall
      • Tommie Harner, CEO, West Ohio Food Bank
      • Tyler Smith, Community Impact Center
      • Wayne Steed, COO, West Ohio Food Bank
    • Officers
      • Brandon Nevergall, Secretary, Woodforest Bank Wapak
      • Meredith Foster, Treasurer, Memorial Health System
      • Michael Dulle, President, State Bank
      • Linda Hamilton, Vice President, Retired CEO West Ohio Food Bank