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We have a new self-service sign up for Allen County food Distributions. Please read carefully below:



Sign up is Easy! Follow these instructions:

1.Click the blue link above

2.Please read the instructions at the top of the sign-up form

3.Scroll down to see the open time slots to sign up

So that everyone is able to attend our food give-aways, you are only eligible to attend ONE SCHEDULED DISTRIBUTION PER MONTH. If you register and have already attended for the month, your reservation will be cancelled. 

Choose the time frame below that you would like to attend the distribution. Remember that you MUST come at the time you choose, if you arrive early, you will be asked to come back at your assigned time.  Do not arrive more than 15 minutes before your appointment time. 

Please remember, ONLY 2 families per car. This allows us to have room to put the food items into your vehicle.

Make sure you have adequate space in your trunk or back seat to accommodate the food you will be receiving. If your car is full we will not be able to fit all of your items in your vehicle.

Please be patient with our staff and volunteers. Most of the people helping are unpaid volunteers who are taking their valuable time to assist those in their community. We truly value them and want our volunteers and clients to have a safe, friendly, and great experience.