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Community Involvement

The West Ohio Food Bank deepens insights to maximize impact, we build capacity and partnerships, and we ensure standards to mitigate risks. These proficiencies allow us to build stronger partnerships with our agencies and communities to help alleviate hunger today and improve food security for the future. Our most important activity is providing nutritious food to our partner agencies so they can stretch their financial and human resources further to achieve an even greater impact to those in need.
The West Ohio Food Bank and our partner agencies are committed to addressing not only day-to-day food insecurity, but also a more complex challenge: helping families avoid the long-term health consequences associated with food insecurity and unbalanced diets.

Board of Directors

The West Ohio Food Bank, as a non-profit organization, operates under the guidance of a Board of Directors. This board is made up of community leaders, advocates, retirees, and others with a diverse background in leadership and a desire to help others in need. We are always looking for new people to join our efforts in “Ending Hunger Together”, so if you are interested in giving back by serving on our Board of Directors
or on one of several committees in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Service Areas

You can help solve West Ohio’s hunger problem.