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“I loved helping at the food bank!! It was fun, easy and heartwarming! Offering a few hours of my time, that fits my schedule, allows me to be hands on in helping my people in my community who are hungry. Everyone needs a little help in their life at some point and I am grateful to!”- Volunteer, WOFB

Volunteers are the backbone and the lifeline of West Ohio Food Bank

FAQ’s for volunteering:

Q. Who can volunteer?

A. Individuals, school-aged groups, organizations and others alike are more than welcome to sign-up to  take action in creating a healthier community.

Q. What is the minimum age required to volunteer?

A .Adults are welcome to bring school-aged children who are accompanied by an adult.

Q. Do you allow group volunteer events?

A. We love group volunteer events! We can accomodate small and larger organizational volunteer oppertunites to build interpersonal connections with one another, all while serving the local community.

VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES: Call 419-222-7946 Today!

Below is a list of the types of volunteer opportunities offered at WOFB. Not sure which one to pick? Please contact our Volunteer Coordinator to discuss which is best for you or your volunteer group!

*Reclaim/Recovery Program- Volunteers sort and repackage food/personal care items received.
*Mobile Food Distributions- Volunteers assist in large distribution of shelf stable foods items to individual who are hungry.
*Specialty Skills- Whether you’re an expert at painting, cleaning, data entry, marketing, or you name it, your skill sets are always appreciated at the West Ohio Food Bank.
*Office Skills- Volunteers with phone and/or computer skills are needed to assist with filing, mailings, data entry, answering phones and greeting guests.
*Internships- The most effective way for students to gain work experience before graduation. Consider the food bank to gain experience in business, marketing, nutrition, management, supply chain, warehouse, nonprofit, leadership, and many more.