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Welcome to the West Ohio Food Bank

The mission of West Ohio Food Bank:  Everyone should have access to healthy, nutritious food.  Together with our partners, we provide nutritious food to those in need.

For the more than 72,590 food insecure individuals in our 11 county area who face hunger, putting food on the table every day is a struggle and often means making impossible choices. The true face of hunger is a mother working two jobs, children struggling to learn on an empty stomach, a father skipping a meal so his children can eat. Hunger is not a problem that we can easily see, perhaps because its stigma causes people to hide their need.

But research shows that many hardworking individuals are increasingly relying on food banks as a part of their long-term strategies to put food on the table. Food-insecure individuals do not have regular access to enough nutritious food for a healthy, active life. These families, employees, veterans, students, children and senior citizens are the people the West Ohio Food Bank serves.






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Service Area
County Actual Meals Provided Meal Gap (# of meals needed per county) % of needed meals provided
Allen 1,957,563 3,084,200 63%
Auglaize 196,865 955,100 21%
Hancock 564,929 1,717,800 33%
Hardin 338,352 847,400 40%
Mercer 82,613 799,700 10%
Paulding 246,303 436,100 56%
Putnam 252,199 582,600 43%
Seneca 378,939 1,403,500 27%
Shelby 751,060 1,126,300 67%
Van Wert 276,448 639,100 43%
Wyandot 154,073 496,100 31%
Totals 5,199,344 12,087,900 43%